Silver Mist Labradors

Upcoming Litters

Luger x Pearl
Black Litter (possible chocolates?)
Approx Due Date: June 7th

1st black/chocolate female - Volkers Family
2nd black female- Mackley Family
3rd black/chocolate female - Conroy Family
1st pick male - Kauffman Family
2nd pick male -Harner Family
3rd pick Male (Choc pref but open to diff pup) - Finch Family
Black Female - Rivera Family
Black Female - Conway Family
Black Male  - Dalton Family
Black Male - Carpenter Family

Luger x Shady
Charcoals, Black, Chocolate & Silvers
Estimated Due Date: July 22, 2020

Female(Open to Color)- Luttermer Family
Charcoal/Silver Female (open to diff color if not available) - Cady Family
Chocolate/Silver (Either Sex) - Tuach Family
Charcoal Female - Salyer Family
Silver female - Wilson Family
Silver female - Fritz Family
Silver Female - Baker Family
Male (open to color) - O'Gara Family
Black Female (open to chocolate) - Carr Family
Charcoal (Either sex) - Earlywine Family
Griffin x Maggie
Chocolate & Yellow
Estimated Due Date: July 29, 2020

Yellow Male - Anumala Family 
2nd Pick Male (open to color) - Wiechelman Family
Chocolate  or yellow female  - Grandinette Family
Chocolate Male or female - Mercer Family
Yellow female - Mundsinger Family
Yellow Female - Jackson Family
Male or Female (Either color) - Newsome Family
Griffin x Lady Grey
 Silvers & Champagnes
Estimated Due Date: August 8th

Champagne female - Nichols Family
Silver female - Waltersheide Family
Champagne Male (but would take Silver Male if no Champ male available) - Stansberry Family
Silver Male - Lemley-Gillespie Family
Silver Female - Fritz Family
Silver Female - Baker Family
Champagne Female - Jackson Family (backup)
Silver Female- Karshner Family

Hercules x Blue
Charcoals & Silvers
Planned Breeding for June/July 2020

1st pick Male - Nix Family
1st pick Female - SML
Charcoal female - Suave Family
Charcoal (Either sex) - Earlywine Family


White Female - McHenry Family 

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