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  • 1 Black Female & 1 Chocolate Male still available
    Delivery Date: Feb 28, 2015

    Laney & Willie

    1st pick Chocolate Male - Drozdowski Family
    2nd pick Chocolate Male - Diana Family, OH (backup)

    1st pick (silver) male -
    Lopez Family, OH 
    2nd pick (silver) male - Respasky Family, OH 
     1st pick charcoal male - Gunter Family, OH 

    1st pick (Black) Male - Carr Family, WV
    1st pick (Black) Female - Platte River Labradors
    1st pick (Chocolate) Female - Friedman Family



    1 Chocolate Girl still available

    Delivery Date: Feb 20, 2015
      Silver & SF Chocolate Litter

    Jimbo & Annie
    (a Local Breeder litter)
    Sire: is OFA'd Hips Excellent, Elbows Normal; CNM, DM & EIC Clear

    1st pick silver female - Bennett Family, LA
    2nd pick silver female - Weekley Family, WV

    1st pick chocolate female - Bryan Family, OH
    2nd pick chocolate female - Aller Family, OH

    3rd pick Chocolate female - Hecht Family, OH 

    4th pick chocolate female - Penney Family
    5th pick Chocolate female - available

    1st pick silver male - Houser Family, OH
    2nd pick silver male - Steiger Family, OH

    1st pick chocolate male - Lockstedt Family, OH

      1 chocolate female that has white blaze down her chest.  
    Both silver females have small white place on their chests. 



    2 Chocolate Males and 1 Black Female still available

    Delivery Date: Feb 17, 2015
     Nova & Willie

    "Trix" (silver) female - Robertson/Williams
    "Kashi" (chocolate) female - Webster Family, SC

    1st pick (chocolate/silver) male - Eizensmits Family
    2nd pick (silver) male - 
    Clark Family, MI

    "Smacks" nka "Bonaventure"chocolate male - Gregg Family, WI
    "Chex" Chocolate male - available

    1st pick (Black) male - Ischy Family, OH

    1st pick Black female - Wiedmeyer, WI
    2nd pick Black female - Foster Family, OH

    3rd pick Black female - available



    Magic x Tate Litter
    EIC, CNM & DM Unaffected, Sire OFA'd Hips and Elbows

    All are spoken for and going to their forever homes

    Girls: Stork, Avril, Bailey, Britt, Develin & Amendola
    Boys: Gronk, Brady & Chancellor

    1st pick Black Female - Carlisle Family, OH
    2nd pick Black Female - Avon Kennels, OH
    3rd pick black female - Thomas Family
    4th pick black female - Smitley Family, OH
    5th pick black female - Cochran Family, OH

    Brady nka "Jake"- Tobergta Family
    Gronk  nka "Lincoln"- Purdy Family, OH
    "Chancellor" - Hold for Werner Family, OH

    Amendola nka "Remi" - Ritchie Family



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