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       Large Breed Puppy Healthy Start Pack                                      Dog Gift Basket
  • All Life Stage Dog Food & Wellness Food Supplement                                                               A medley of yummy treats
  • Revitalizing Shampoo, Bath Fresh Mist & Ear Care Formula                                                      Perfect for any canine
  • Antioxidant Health Bar (Oatmeal & Apple Recipe)                                                             Sturdy, beautifully stenciled gift box
  • Tasty Rewards Training Treats & Buffalo Bully Sticks                                                            Give the gift of an abundant life

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    Delivery Date: May 22nd

    Sire: OFA'd Fair Hips; Elbows Normal; EIC,CNM & DM Clear
    Dam OFA'd Good Hips

    1st pick silver female - Duey Family, AZ
    2nd pick silver female - 
     Ware Family, OH
    3rd pick female - Moore Family, OH 

    4th pick female - Parent Family, OH
    5th pick female - Abels Family, CA

    1st pick silver male - Alfasial Family (Europe)
    2nd pick silver male - 
    Garcia Family
    3rd pick male - Gish Family 
    4th pick male - available

    "Fox & The Hound Theme"



    Delivery Date: May 19th

     Charcoal & Silver Litter

    Rebel Grace x Tate

    Sire: OFA'd Fair Hips; Elbows Normal; EIC,CNM & DM Clear
    Dam EIC, CNM & DM Clear

    1st pick silver female - Kelly Family
    2nd pick silver female - available

    1st pick charcoal female -Kitzmiller Family
    2nd pick charcoal female - Teahon Family, WY

    1st pick silver male - Dean Family, WV 
    2nd pick silver male - 
     Lewis Family, OH 
    3rd pick silver male - Bocci Family

    1st pick charcoal male - Geddis Family, OH
    2nd pick charcoal male - Meyer Family, CO 
    3rd pick charcoal male - Lewis Family, OH
    4th pick charcoal male - Ferren Family, OH

    5th pick charcoal male - Lliff Family
    6th pick charcoal male - available

    "Lord of the Rings Theme"



    New White/Cream Litter
    All spoken for :)  Thank you!

    Axel x Ella
    DOB: 5/5/15
    "Frozen Theme"

    Sire: OFA'd Excellent Hips; Patella & Cardiac Normal
    Dam: OFA'd Good Hips; Elbows & Cardiac Normal; EIC & CNM  Clear

    1st pick female - McFarland Family
    2nd pick female - Henderson Family
    3rd pick female -Steinnecker Family, OH
    4th pick female - Hawk Family, OH

    1st pick male - Keiderling Family
    2nd pick male - Shook Family
    3rd pick male - Drake Family
    4th pick male - Laumeyer Family, OH

    5th pick male - Hawkins Family, OH



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